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Down to the ground

Cedarburg, WI, Letter Carrier Darla Dahlbacka

Letter Carrier Darla Dahlbacka was delivering mail in a Cedarburg, WI, neighborhood on a frigid day last December when she spotted an older customer in trouble.

The woman, who had stepped outside without a coat in single-digit temperatures, tumbled off her front porch into bushes below.

Dahlbacka rushed to the customer’s aid, helping her get up and into the house, then called her neighbor and her son.

The Postal Service employee comforted the woman until her neighbor arrived to look after her while her son drove from work in a city 60 miles away.

The customer, who had recently been falling often, was later treated in a hospital and a physical rehabilitation center.

“Her neighbor commended Darla for averting a life-threatening situation,” said local Officer in Charge Mike Slimmer.

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