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Inquiring mind

San Diego District Complaints and Inquiry Clerk Mayra Elena-Hernandez

My name is Mayra Elena-Hernandez and I’m a complaints and inquiry clerk in San Diego District’s Consumer Affairs office. I help to resolve customers’ problems and ensure USPS delivers excellent service.

My team includes six other members. We use the Customer 360 platform to document customers’ inquiries, which include questions about packages, postage and other products and services. We assess each inquiry and route it to the right department to help the customer as quickly as possible.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of my colleagues are working from home. I’m the anchor — the person who stays in the office — so when other offices call for assistance, I answer, guide and provide coaching on the best way to handle inquiries. I field about 45 calls on any given day. Mondays tend to be a more hectic because it’s the day after the weekend, but somehow our team manages to get the work done. Overall, our department manages more than 3,000 inquiries since our district is so large, covering an area from California’s border with Mexico up to Death Valley and the Santa Ana District border.

This job has taught me the importance of scanning. If an item isn’t scanned, the amount of people who have to be involved to help find the mailpiece is tremendous. I have also learned the importance of internal customer service because we rely on collaboration to be successful.

I started my USPS career in 2015 as a postal support employee in Pacific Beach, CA. I was very fortunate because my supervisors took time to explain things. I learned as much I could, and my postal knowledge constantly expands. After a few years, I moved to Consumer Affairs.

The Postal Service has been good for my career. Previously, I worked for a check-cashing facility. I loved the company, but there was nowhere to go. When I first joined USPS and was loading packages at 3 in the morning, I never imagined that I’d be working in a district office in a few years. I don’t know where I want to go next, but no matter where the adventure takes me, I’m open to it.

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