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Sweet sorrow

‘Thank You’ video series concludes

In a moving finale, the Postal Service concludes its “Thank You for the Thank-You’s” video series with more expressions of gratitude from customers.

USPS launched the series April 8. Each weekly 30-second video shows photos of notes, posters and other messages that employees received during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 20th and final video, released Aug. 13, includes the usual mix of handwritten notes and drawings. The video doesn’t feature sidewalk chalk drawings — a signature of the series since its debut — but it does show baked goods.

Under a plate of plastic-wrapped cookies, brownies and cake slices, a note reads: “We can’t thank you enough for continuing to serve our community faithfully before the pandemic as well as during it. Your hard work and dedication [are] appreciated.”

The video’s final shot is a mailbox that has been opened to reveal the word “superstar” shown inside.

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