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Express yourself

Manassas, VA, Letter Carrier Larry Garrett

Larry Garrett never misses his opportunity to participate in the Postal Pulse.

The Manassas, VA, letter carrier completes the USPS employee survey every year.

“The survey provides a good avenue of communication between employees and management,” he says.

The Postal Service encourages all employees to follow Garrett’s lead and participate in the survey. The latest Postal Pulse began this month and will continue through Sept. 4.

To help his colleagues, Garrett, a 21-year USPS employee, offers these tips:

• Just do it. If things in your workplace need improvement, don’t expect them to change on their own.

“You have to participate in order to see results from the survey,” Garrett says.

• Be honest. “Don’t just go along. The survey is an opportunity to express yourself. Your responses can only help and not hurt,” he says.

• Watch the window. Although USPS provides employees with one month to complete the survey, don’t wait until the last minute to participate. “It’s good to do the Postal Pulse right away while what you want to say is fresh on your mind.”

In other words, Garrett says: “Jump on it as soon as you get it.”

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