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Stone Mountain, GA, Rural Carrier Associate Jacqueline Rimmer

Rural Carrier Associate Jacqueline Rimmer was delivering mail on a rainy day last winter in Stone Mountain, GA, when she spotted a 93-year-old woman lying on the ground in a wooded area near her home.

Rimmer rushed to check on the woman, who had fallen — sustaining cuts and bruises — and become stranded after her emergency alert device malfunctioned.

The Postal Service employee safely carried the customer inside and, at her request, called a family member who soon arrived to provide further assistance and arrange for medical attention.

The woman later mailed a letter to the local Post Office, thanking Rimmer for her help.

“I don’t know how long I would have been down here, if you had not come,” she wrote. “Didn’t even get your name. I just call you my angel.”

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