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Boars, bears and gators

Rolling Fork, MS, Rural Carrier Keturah Winslow

My name is Keturah Winslow and I’m a rural carrier in Rolling Fork, MS. I spend six to seven hours every day delivering mail and packages to 305 addresses. The 150-mile round trip is the second longest route in Mississippi District.

My route is a lot of middle-of-nowhere. I may be the only person my customers see for a while. When I knock on customers’ doors to deliver packages, some will tell me to come on in and leave it on the table. They ask how each member of my family is doing and how I’m doing. And anytime I break down or have a flat tire, they are always there if I need help.

Right now, we’re going through backwater flooding. I have a lot of flooded roads and I can’t get to my deliveries, so we hold the mail at the Post Office. Customers know to come and pick it up. Some of them go through this regularly, but recently it’s gotten worse and is impacting more customers.

I also have to watch for wild animals, including wild boars and even bears. I see alligators, too. They are usually lying on the side of the levy, soaking up the sun. I love alligators, but I definitely would not get out of my vehicle if it were to break down near one.

I’ve carried mail in Mississippi for 23 years, starting as a temporary rural carrier in Yazoo City before becoming a rural carrier associate in Belzoni, then moving into my current job.

It’s been a long career full of hard work, but I still find it exciting. I’d go crazy if I didn’t have a job to go to. I see myself staying around USPS for the rest of my career. When I get older and get tired of the heat and rain, maybe I’ll want to become a Postmaster. I love my job and I love my customers.

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