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Honoring excellence

USPS recognizes industry leaders

Several business customers received awards from USPS during the National Postal Forum’s summer webinar series.

The Postal Service honored several industry leaders with awards during a series of National Postal Forum webinars this month.

The Informed Innovation Award recognizes companies that create compelling Informed Delivery campaigns. Winners of this award — State Farm Insurance, Citibank and Macy’s — used new technology to drive growth and proved that mail combined with digital technology is a winning combination. They increased open, click-through and response rates in their winning campaigns.

The USPS Next Generation Campaign Award recognizes innovative and effective business-to-consumer and business-to-business mail that increases engagement using Informed Delivery. The award winners — Fleetwood-Fibre with Opti Print and Fulfillment, and Comcast with Snap Creative Marketing — showcased creative campaigns to drive open and response rates.

The Data Driven Excellence Award acknowledges customers who have used the Informed Visibility platform to improve customers’ experiences. The winners were, a Netflix Co.; Mystic Logistics; and SnailWorks. Each company used Informed Visibility to pinpoint areas of opportunity that provided more visibility and identified areas to better target their mailings.

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