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Doing your part

Regional Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Manager Judy Wingo-Stalinger

Judy Wingo-Stalinger wants to help Postal Service employees become environmentally aware.

In her role as one of two managers who oversee regional environmental compliance and sustainability teams, Wingo-Stalinger helps USPS facility managers follow local, state and federal environmental rules and regulations.

This includes a variety of responsibilities, including the proper management, storage and disposal of cleaning chemicals, paint and de-icing and anti-skidding products.

“Environmental compliance is the foundation of the Postal Service’s commitment to sustainability. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment,” Wingo-Stalinger says.

To help employees ensure they’re following the rules, she offers a few general tips:

• Think before you throw something away. Some materials — such as chemicals, scanner batteries and fluorescent lamps — have strict disposal requirements. Other materials like cardboard shouldn’t be put in the trash.

“We each need to make decisions about items that are to be disposed to determine their proper disposal both at work and at home. Proper disposal complies with laws and makes good business sense,” Wingo-Stalinger says.

• See something? Say something. Alert a supervisor if you see recyclable items or hazardous materials in the trash.

• Educate yourself. The Sustainability Blue page has resources and guidelines to help employees determine the proper way to dispose of items.

These include Environmental Compliance Bulletins, a recycling toolkit and Asset Management’s eDispose system.

Facility managers who need additional assistance should refer to a section that lists their designated environmental field support specialist.

The bottom line, Wingo-Stalinger says, is that when it comes to environmental compliance, everyone has a role to play.

“We all want to do our part to help protect the environment,” she says.

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