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Peak preparations

Facilities should order pandemic supplies now

To be prepared for this year’s peak delivery season, all USPS facilities should have a 30-to-45-day supply of hand sanitizer and other cleaning and disinfectant products.

The Postal Service wants to ensure facilities have sufficient supplies of personal protective equipment and other coronavirus pandemic-related material as the organization gears up for the peak delivery season in the fall.

In a memo last week, USPS encouraged facility managers to use August and September to build their inventories for the end of the year. Each facility should have a 30-to-45-day supply of cleaning and disinfectant products, hand soaps and sanitizer, paper towels, masks, gloves and other materials.

Boosting inventories now will help the organization meet its operational readiness goals and avoid potential problems that could occur if there are national shortages later in the year.

Supplies are available through eBuyPlus catalog supplier sources, as well as from the Topeka, KS, Material Distribution Center (MDC) catalog for stocked COVID-related items. To check current availabilities at the MDC, go to the online COVID-19 Sanitation Supplies Availability worksheet and select the “Topeka MDC” tab.

Facility managers can also use their local purchasing authority to buy supplies, ensuring that they follow the proper procedures.

The COVID-19 Employee Resources Blue page has additional information under the “Supplies, Cleaning and Maintenance” tab.

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