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Call Miss Thomas

College Park, MI, Customer Services Supervisor Sabrina Thomas

My name is Sabrina Thomas and I’m a customer services supervisor in the Detroit area. I work at two Michigan stations — College Park and Ferndale Finance — dealing with everything pertaining to customer service, including delivery issues and audits.

I’m the go-to person for customer service. If you need help, employees will say, “Call Miss Thomas.” They know I’ll make sure it’s taken care of.

I joined the Postal Service in 1998 and have worked in several positions, including as a distribution clerk, letter carrier and retail associate. I’ve seen the whole puzzle, which is why I understand the process and can assist customers when they need it.

My appreciation for working with customers began when I was a letter carrier. I worked with the Customer Connect program and began promoting the postal brand because I enjoy interacting with people.

Before I joined USPS, I was a bartender. My parents owned a nightclub. I had uncles and cousins who worked for the Postal Service and they told me to get a job here. When I started, I was making the same amount of money I did working at the bar, except USPS offered benefits. I never expected to be here 20-plus years.

My husband works for Chrysler. I have a 19-year-old daughter and a 27-year-old son who also works for the Postal Service as a customer services supervisor.

I’ve probably helped 20 people begin their postal careers. Sometimes when customers are on the phone and are upset about a delivery issue, I calm them down and say, “You know what? You should apply for a job here.” You’ll be surprised, but they’ll sometimes ask, “Are you hiring?” I’ll tell them how to apply. Some of them now work for the Postal Service.

I like being a mentor and helping people find their strengths. I tell them, “This is the Postal Service. What is it that you want to do?” You can be a letter carrier, a retail associate, a secretary, a communication specialist, or an IT professional — you name it.

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