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Property lines

Employees must follow rules

Employees should follow rules on using Postal Service property, including computers and phones.

USPS is reminding employees that they must use postal property in accordance with the rules — and only for postal work.

Misuse of postal property violates the standards of ethical conduct for employees of the executive branch, which applies to postal employees.

Postal property includes credit cards, phones and computer equipment.

Here are some things employees should keep in mind:

Voyager fuel cards. These should not be used to purchase fuel for a personal vehicle, snacks or drinks.

Travel credit cards. These should be used for approved purchases only. Don’t use the travel card as a personal credit card. If you aren’t using it, keep it somewhere other than your wallet or purse to avoid a spouse or child from using it by mistake.

Equipment. Don’t use postal equipment for personal reasons. Postal phones shouldn’t be used as an employee’s standard, everyday phone.

Computers. Postal computers should only be used for authorized purposes. Don’t visit inappropriate websites or save inappropriate videos or pictures on a postal computer.

Badges. Your USPS ID is postal property and is an important security measure. Don’t alter or damage the badge in any way.

The Ethics Blue page has more information. If you have questions, call the ethics hotline at 202-268-6346 or send an email to