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In good hands

Smiling man stands in Post Office lobby
Monroe, WI, Custodian Pat Miller

My name is Pat Miller and I’m a custodian at the Monroe, WI, Post Office. My daily duties involve keeping the office litter-free and keeping frequently touched surfaces disinfected. I also vacuum the floors and make sure the windows stay clean.

I’m responsible for taking care of Monroe and four other offices. I manage the cleaning supply inventory for the offices and also perform minor repairs that don’t need to be assigned to district maintenance.

My other role is serving as a safety captain, which involves making sure employees follow safety procedures. For example, I may go out to check if carriers are wearing their seatbelts. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I’m giving more stand-up talks on how to prevent the spread of the virus. I clean everything in the lobby that human hands touch and follow special protocols such as disinfecting the LLVs.

I joined the Postal Service seven years ago after a friend who worked for USPS told me this position was open. I was in between jobs so I applied, and I’m glad I did. This job fits my personality because I enjoy helping people. For instance, the carriers know if they need something that I will get it for them. When I see customers in the lobby, I’m friendly and make them feel welcome so I can present a good image of the Postal Service.

I like that USPS implemented a new cleaning program a few years ago that has made things more efficient and effective. I’ve gotten new equipment to make my job easier like a leaf blower and floor scrubber, which has cut down on the number of times I have to empty and refill mop buckets.

I’m blessed to be married with three adult kids — two sons and one daughter. My wife is a pediatrician. When I’m not at work, we enjoy going for walks, kayaking and biking.

USPS has been good for me because you learn to work as a team here and I get along with everyone. Plus, the benefits are good.

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