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Ocracoke, NC, Postmaster Celeste Brooks

Celeste Brooks is here to serve.

Brooks — the Postmaster in Ocracoke, NC, a small island community on North Carolina’s Outer Banks — places a premium on customer service.

She encourages her employees to do the same.

“We are open, available and we believe in providing our customers with the best service, no matter the location,” Brooks says.

The Postal Service encourages all employees to take this approach to their work.

By providing customers with excellent service, the organization wants to build loyalty and grow revenue.

To help her employees achieve these goals, Brooks encourages them to follow these recommendations:

• Be knowledgeable. Take time to learn about USPS products and services so that you can promote them effectively.

• Share information. Sometimes customers don’t know what to ask, so employees must be able to anticipate their needs. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers a few questions so that you can lead them in the right direction.

• Be courteous and helpful. Remember the golden rule and treat customers the way you like to be treated.

The bottom line: When you work for the Postal Service, your customers often aren’t just customers — they’re your friends and neighbors, too.

“Because we are so involved in our community, everyone feels comfortable asking questions when they see us in the variety store or stopping us on the street,” Brooks says. “Doing the right thing always shines a positive light on our postal employees.”

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