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Dulles, VA, Mail Handler Assistant Ricky Hoskins Sr.

Ricky Hoskins Sr. rarely sees the customers he serves, but he knows they’re counting on him.

In his role as a mail handler assistant at the Dulles, VA, Processing and Distribution Center, Hoskins helps unload delivery trucks, operate machinery and perform other behind-the-scenes duties that keep mail and packages moving through the USPS network.

The job is always important — but especially during the coronavirus pandemic, when customers are relying on USPS to deliver medicine, checks and other essentials.

“I feel especially proud to get the mail processed successfully. I’m glad to be healthy enough to do that as our country is going through this tough time,” Hoskins says.

The Postal Service wants all employees to take this kind of approach to their work.

By focusing on delivering excellent service, USPS wants to win customers’ business, drive loyalty and generate revenue.

To help employees, the organization provides these guidelines:

• Be accurate. No matter where you work in USPS — whether your job is to deliver packages, handle mail, serve retail customers or perform other duties — remember that customers count on reliable, predictable service.

• Be safe. Working safely helps ensure efficiency, something all customers expect. For example, if you’re a mail handler, follow ergonomics guidelines to avoid lifting injuries that could disrupt productivity.

• Be a role model. Strive to impress people around you — whether it’s co-workers or customers — with an upbeat attitude that promotes positivity. This will help create an environment where employees thrive and customers want to do business.

For his part, Hoskins is proud to contribute.

“Many people are sheltering at home, and I’m glad to help get them the things they need at this time,” he says.

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