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Face coverings policy

New resource helps ensure compliance

USPS has introduced an online dashboard to help employees identify state or local orders and directives regarding face coverings during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Postal Service has a new resource to help ensure compliance with its face covering policy in states and cities across the nation.

USPS requires all employees to wear face coverings when there is a state or local face covering order or directive in place or when an employee — including those who do not deal directly with the public — cannot achieve or maintain social distancing in the workplace.

The new resource — an online dashboard available through the “Playbook – Field and District” tab on the COVID-19 Blue page — lists all known mandatory face covering orders and directives that may be applicable to postal operations, by state and local jurisdiction.

The Postal Service updates the dashboard regularly to assist employees with identifying these state or local orders and directives.

Because hundreds of state and local mandatory face covering orders have been issued nationally — and because new orders are being added daily — employees should still check for state or local face covering orders that may exist in their location, even if those orders are not identified on the dashboard.