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Staying connected

Rives Junction, MI, Retail Associate Denise Prentler

Denise Prentler knows people still rely on the mail, particularly during the era of social distancing.

Some Postal Service customers are putting pen to paper again, writing cards and letters to keep in touch with loved ones who are staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Prentler, a Rives Junction, MI, retail associate, takes pride in helping these individuals choose the right stamps for their special mailings.

“I help customers stay connected,” she says.

To help Prentler and other employees promote and sell stamps, USPS offers these tips:

• Be knowledgeable. Customers love having choices, so take time to educate yourself on the variety of stamps available. New releases are listed on and covered in Link.

• Be visual. Keep the latest stamps on display so customers can see what’s available.

• Be positive. When customers see you’re excited about stamps, they’ll get excited, too.

For Prentler, promoting and selling stamps, like all USPS products, is about putting customers first.

“The most important part of keeping customers connected is building good relationships so they can trust I’m looking out for their specific needs,” she says.

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