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Taking it to heart

Madeira Beach, FL, Letter Carrier Pamelin Williams

Pamelin Williams knows her customers count on her every day.

This is why the Madeira Beach, FL, letter carrier strives to deliver excellent service, especially to those customers who are staying home during the coronavirus pandemic and relying on USPS to deliver medicine and other essential supplies.

“I take customer service to heart,” Williams says. “I’ve built an excellent relationship with my customers and I get a deep satisfaction in fulfilling their needs and solving any issues they may have with our service.”

Williams pays particular attention to scanning, which allows customers to track their mail and packages online, so she follows this guidance from the organization:

• Be thorough. Scanning barcodes aren’t always on the front of packages, so you might have to look for them. Take time to find the barcode.

• Be timely. Make sure you scan packages at the right time and at the correct location. For example, don’t scan a parcel as “delivered” until it has actually been delivered.

• Be reliable. Accurate scanning helps USPS deliver better service, which improves customers’ experiences and drives loyalty.

Whether she’s scanning mail or packages, making deliveries or completing other tasks, Williams appreciates the opportunity to help the Postal Service achieve its mission.

“I love my job and I’m postal proud,” she says.

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