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Postal Bulletin highlights PMG program

Postal Bulletin’s June 18 cover story provides an overview of the Postmaster General Heroes' Program.

The latest issue of Postal Bulletin features its annual spotlight on the Postmaster General Heroes’ Program.

The cover story, “Every Day, Heroes,” revisits the heroic actions of Miami Letter Carrier Donna Bratton, who was delivering mail one day at an apartment complex when a customer ran up to her, holding an infant, and exclaimed, “My baby can’t breathe!”

While 911 was called, Bratton performed CPR on the girl and revived her. Emergency responders soon arrived and took the baby to a hospital.

The article explains that Bratton is one of several thousand employees who have been recognized through the PMG Heroes’ Program, now in its 17th year.

The program is described as being based on a simple idea: Postal Service employees know the habits of their customers and the rhythms of their communities, and are often the first to notify emergency personnel and render aid when something is wrong.

Employees have been commended for going above and beyond the call of duty in a variety of situations, such as assisting lost children, getting help for sick or injured customers, spotting fires, and more.

The article also explains the nomination and review process for the program, which leads to recognized employees receiving a commendation letter from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, being featured in the award-winning “Heroes’ Corner” column in Link, and having their photos and stories displayed on a heroes’ wall at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.