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Feeling the love

Irvine, CA, Letter Carrier Tim Brubaker

Tim Brubaker knows his customers are counting on him.

Like his Postal Service colleagues across the nation, the Irvine, CA, letter carrier is delivering medicine, supplies and other essential items to people who are staying home to avoid getting the coronavirus.

“I’ve been a letter carrier for 36 years, but never in my lifetime did I ever think I’d be working during a pandemic,” Brubaker says.

To ensure he delivers the service that customers need, Brubaker follows these guidelines:

• Keep it courteous. Remember that you might be the brightest part of a customer’s day — especially during challenging times.

“Customers have gone out of their way to show their support and love,” Brubaker says.

• Take care. When handling packages, take extra steps to protect customers’ items.

Be sure to take care of yourself, too, by following the Postal Service’s safety protocols.

For example, Brubaker pays attention to stand-up talks and uses face coverings, gloves and other USPS-provided equipment, which he says helps him “to feel safe and protected in the office and out on the route.”

• Be accurate. Strive to deliver timely, accurate service.

For example, scan mail and packages at the actual delivery time so customers can receive timely updates on the whereabouts of their items.

The bottom line, Brubaker says, is that USPS employees are providing an essential public service these days — and that’s something to take pride in.

“I am so blessed to work for the Postal Service,” he says.

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