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Customers first

Thousand Oaks, CA, Letter Carrier Larry Marez

Larry Marez is always thinking about his customers.

The Thousand Oaks, CA, letter carrier recently marked 50 years as a postal employee — and he’s never felt more vital than he does these days, when nationwide protests and the coronavirus pandemic are dominating the news.

“I see that it helps my customers on the route cope when I come to work and deliver for them. They see me coming every day and it creates some sense of normalcy in their lives,” he says.

USPS wants all employees to follow Marez’s lead and remember the importance of delivering excellent customer service, especially during difficult times.

Here are some of his tips:

• Be consistent and reliable. The Postal Service is a lifeline for many customers who are sticking close to home.

“I’m delivering more medication and other important essentials and it makes me feel good that I’m doing all I can to help,” Marez says.

• Stay on top of things. USPS is always finding new ways to do things, whether it’s introducing offerings like Informed Delivery, a free feature that allows consumers to digitally preview their incoming mail, or changing safety procedures in the era of social distancing.

To serve customers well, it’s important to keep up with the times.

“The key to surviving for so long is being quick to adapt. Change is inevitable, so accept it and keep going,” Marez says.

• Be thankful. Above all, Marez says it’s important to keep things in the proper perspective.

“It’s been an honor and very rewarding to work for the Postal Service and see all the changes and advancements. The Postal Service has allowed me to care for my family and I’m grateful to still be working here,” he says.

He continues: “I know I’m making a difference in my customer’s lives, especially now and nothing compares to that feeling.”

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