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Being vigilant

Staying safe during public demonstrations

USPS wants employees to be vigilant during times like these, when many people may be in the streets, in front of buildings and along postal routes.

The Postal Service is reminding employees to stay safe during public demonstrations.

The security of employees, facilities, vehicles and the U.S. Mail is important to the organization and the Postal Inspection Service.

Vigilance is especially important during times like these, where large numbers of people may be in the streets, in front of buildings and along postal routes.

Here are some tips you should follow to stay safe:

• Be aware of your surroundings. Think about situations where you may be at risk.

• Leave the area if you see suspicious activity around a postal facility or postal vehicle. Find someplace safe and call 911, then call your supervisor.

• Jot down any details you can remember. This can include a description of the suspect and direction of travel.

Here are some tips to keep your facility safe:

• Be vigilant. Display your USPS photo ID. Report any suspicious activities, including strangers and visitors who aren’t wearing badges, to a supervisor.

• Help protect your facility. Secure entry points and dock doors when not in use. Ensure alarms and camera systems are operational. Lock security gates each night with a case-hardened padlock and secure unattended vehicles at all times.

• Practice accountability. Immediately report stolen or vandalized vehicles to a supervisor. Keep empty trailers locked at all times. Secure money orders and cash drawers at the end of the day, and follow proper closing procedures for retail counter lines.

• Maintain a current master inventory of all accountable keys. Ensure all keys are accounted for and secured at the end of every day. Place all accountable mail in a locked security container or safe.

The Postal Service distributed a stand-up talk last week that highlights these and other tips.