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Reaching goals

Northern Virginia Acting Retail Specialist Monique Drayton

My name is Monique Drayton and I’m the acting retail specialist for Capital Metro Area’s Northern Virginia District. I help USPS achieve its mission to deliver excellent service to our customers.

I spend a lot of time producing data and other useful information for the district. This includes generating several performance reports, analyzing them with my manager and sharing the findings with our field offices.

I often work directly with craft employees — retail associates in particular — to help them reach the goals set by the district, area and headquarters. I explain postal policies and why it’s important to follow them. Employees make a greater effort to do better when they interact with someone who has been in their position.

I’ve worked for the Postal Service for 17 years, including many years as a letter carrier. In 2014, I took a detail assignment that focused on helping the district’s retail offices reduce the amount of time customers must wait in line. That assignment, along with other opportunities, helped lead me to my current position.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and watching one of my favorite TV shows, “Forensic Files.”

I love my job. The Postal Service is a good place to have a career. If you put your best foot forward and show commitment, determination and an ability to get the job done, someone will recognize your talent.

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