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Hip-hop G.O.A.T

Who is the greatest artist of all time?

The Hip Hop stamps will be released July 1.

Music has a way of providing a temporary escape that helps us through unsettling times. To help mark the arrival of the Hip Hop stamps next month, Link wants to hear from Postal Service employees who are big fans of hip-hop.

Since the inception of hip-hop more than four decades ago, the electrifying music, dance and art movement has profoundly influenced American and global popular culture.

With roots in African American and Afro-Caribbean music, dance and verbal arts cultures, hip-hop has given artists all over the world a platform to tell their own life stories and speak about their communities’ experiences.

So who gets your vote for the best hip-hop artist of all time? Biggie? Tupac? Jay-Z? Nas? Drake? Nicki Minaj? Someone else?

Cast your vote at and tell us what makes your choice stand out from the rest.

Link will crown a winner and possibly use your comments in an upcoming story.