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Dog defense

Boca Raton, FL, City Carrier Assistant Shandrika Moody

City Carrier Assistant Shandrika Moody was recently delivering a package at a residence in Boca Raton, FL, when three dogs bolted outside through an open screen door.

One of the canines bit Moody, necessitating the use of repellent spray as she retreated to her postal vehicle to notify her supervisor.

Moody soon saw the dogs attack a 70-year-old pedestrian nearby.

While 911 was called, the Postal Service employee rushed to protect the woman, who had fallen to the ground — again using repellent spray and carrying her to the safety of the postal vehicle.

Paramedics soon arrived to treat injuries sustained by Moody and the pedestrian.

“Shandrika showed great heroism, acting quickly to help a defenseless person despite being hurt and scared herself,” said local Customer Services Manager Jeremiah Ritchie.

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