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Leading the nation

USPS tops survey on pandemic performance

USPS has continued normal operations throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

A new survey ranks the Postal Service first for its overall performance during the coronavirus pandemic, topping many of the nation’s best-known companies.

The poll asked consumers to rank a wide-ranging list of 100 businesses on four key measures: resolve, integrity, responsiveness and permanence.

USPS ranked No. 1 in the overall composite score, leading companies such as Clorox (No. 2), Google (No. 3), UPS (No. 4), Walmart (No. 5) and FedEx (No. 9).

The Postal Service also ranked first in responsiveness and permanence, which describes the perceived strength of an organization and expectations of its future relevance.

USPS ranked fifth for integrity and 23rd for resolve, which gauged whether an organization is viewed as part of the solution.

“Postal Service employees connect America, especially during times like these,” said Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan. “Throughout the pandemic, our employees have delivered the medicine, checks and essential supplies that customers need to get through this challenging time. It’s rewarding to see the public recognize the indispensable role that our employees play in every community across the nation.”

The Harris Poll, a global research firm, and other groups conducted the survey between January and April, just as the pandemic forced many businesses to curtail operations and much of the public to shelter at home.

Similarly, a separate poll conducted recently by Pew Research Center found USPS is viewed favorably by 91 percent of the public.