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Sites, publications keep employees informed

Link, the USPS flagship employee news service, is available on any computer and mobile device with internet access.

The Postal Service understands that knowledge is empowering.

This is why USPS strives to provide employees with up-to-the-minute news about the organization and its work. By offering workers timely updates, USPS aims to help them feel more engaged, more productive and better equipped to serve customers.

The Postal Service’s primary source of employee news is Link, a website that is available on any computer with internet access.

Link is updated with new articles, photos, graphics and videos each weekday.

The site covers news about the Postmaster General and other top USPS leaders, financial reports, industry trends, product releases and stamp dedication ceremonies, among other activities.

Regular features include “Heroes’ Corner,” an award-winning column about employees who perform heroic deeds.

Employees with postal email addresses receive a Link email each weekday with links to the most recent stories. USPS also produces an end-of-week Link Recap email with stories readers might have missed, along with Link Extra emails for breaking news.

Additionally, employees can sign up to have highlights from Link mobile, the website’s mobile-friendly version, emailed to their personal addresses each week.

Other employee news resources include Area Update, a quarterly newsletter for each of the organization’s seven geographic areas; local area and district newsletters, such as Capital Metro Leader and Santa Ana Winds; and Postal Bulletin, a publication that dates to the 1880s.

USPS also offers Blue and LiteBlue pages where employees can watch informational video reports, such as the “Business Focus” and “Dollars and Change” series.

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