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Rewarding days

Bartlesville, OK, Letter Carrier David Moffitt

My name is David Moffitt and I’m a letter carrier in Bartlesville, OK, where I’ve delivered mail on the same route for 20 years.

If you think being on the same route is boring, it is not. Every day is different and I always look forward to seeing my customers. I know their names by heart and they know mine.

As I watch their children grow up, I see their parents become grandparents. I look after my elderly customers and give them special attention, especially if they do not have family in the area.

My job has changed over the years as I scan every parcel now, which allows customers the ability to track their packages. I am always in awe of the technology changes that have taken place over the years. It has proven beneficial for the carriers and the consumers.

One thing that has not changed during my time with the Postal Service is the importance of looking professional. Uniformed letter carriers are among the most recognizable and respected figures in the nation. So from the tip of my shoes to the top of my hat, I try to look professional on the job. Our office has a shoeshine stand that has been there so long, no one knows exactly the age of it. I use it regularly to maintain that professional look.

Before I joined USPS 37 years ago, I worked in a window factory. A friend happened to mention the postal exam to me, so I took it and was hired. I started my career in Eureka Springs, AR, and was there for five years as a part-time flexible employee. I then got married and transferred to Bartlesville, OK, and shortly thereafter I was full time.

When I am not working I spend time with my family and my nine grandkids, where there is never a dull moment!

I’m at retirement age. In fact, I’ve been at retirement age for several years. But I love my job, so why would I retire when I still love what I do? Every day is rewarding. So I just take it one year at a time and enjoy it as much as I can.

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