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Mind over matter

To find balance, consider meditation

Research shows meditation can improve attention, decrease job burnout and improve sleep.

The USPS Wellness team wants to help employees maintain healthy lifestyles during these uncertain times.

One option is meditation, which can help people experience thoughts and emotions with greater balance and acceptance.

According to experts, meditation has been shown to improve attention, decrease job burnout and improve sleep. Research also shows meditation can help people with diabetes control their symptoms.

The USPS Wellness team offers three videos that can help employees learn meditation and other “mindfulness” techniques. The videos range in length from one to three minutes to help employees fit them into their busy schedules.

The videos are available on the Wellness LiteBlue page, along with segments on cooking, exercise and other topics.

Employees can watch the videos on a voluntary basis. Nonexempt employees may only watch them while off the clock or during authorized breaks.

Employees who have questions should send an email to