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Neighborhood watch

Los Angeles Letter Carrier Oscar Osorio

Oscar Osorio watches out for his customers.

The Los Angeles letter carrier delivers mail in Los Feliz, the neighborhood where he also lives with his wife and three daughters.

“I feel lucky to work in my own community,” he says.

Because Osorio’s customers are also his neighbors, he takes special care to protect them during the coronavirus pandemic, when many people are staying at home.

USPS expects all employees to follow this approach, so the organization has provided them with these guidelines:

• Be safe behind the wheel. When driving postal vehicles in residential areas, be alert and keep an eye out for children or dogs suddenly running into the street.

Also pay attention to traffic lights, check blind spots, look both ways before moving a vehicle and come to full stop at intersections and stop signs.

• Watch out for children. Keep an eye out for youngsters who might run up to you because they don’t understand the need for social distancing. Also watch for toys and bikes that could be left on sidewalks and stairs, creating tripping hazards.

• Stay safe around dogs, too. Employees who deliver mail should always carry a satchel and keep a can of repellent spray within reach.

Additionally, complete warning cards for addresses with dogs on a route, verify that Mobile Delivery Devices have an active dog alert for delivery addresses with dogs, and notify a supervisor of all dog incidents.

Osorio says he appreciates the guidance that USPS has provided him and his co-workers during a challenging time.

“It goes back to how we are treated by management,” he says. “It’s a family environment, from the office to the street.”

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