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Ravine scene

Blanding, UT, Highway Contract Route Driver Christian Foster

Christian Foster, a highway contract route driver in Blanding, UT, was recently transporting mail when he spotted an SUV overturned in a ravine and a man waving for help on the side of the highway.

Foster stopped and learned that the man and his girlfriend had been driving in separate vehicles when she crashed, and he was unable to get a cell signal or rescue her from the SUV by himself.

The Postal Service worker rushed down into the ravine, where he discovered that fluids were leaking from the vehicle.

Fearing an imminent explosion, Foster checked the woman for signs of spinal and head injuries.

Finding none, he forced the driver-side door open and safely freed her from the SUV.

Assisted by her boyfriend and other passersby, Foster carried the woman out of the ravine to safety.

He then drove to an area with cell service and called 911 before returning to the scene of the accident to await the arrival of emergency responders.

The victim, a tourist, sustained multiple fractures.

“I couldn’t be more proud of Christian’s actions in rescuing a woman he didn’t know,” said Blanding Postmaster Scott Middleton.

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