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Going and going

Los Angeles Acting Contract Technician Lupe Hernandez

My name is Lupe Hernandez and I’m an acting contract technician for the Los Angeles Processing and Distribution Center. I order the supplies we need to process mail efficiently.

This includes ordering supplies for our mail processing machines. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, we’ve experienced a big increase in the amount of parcels we process — exceeding even what we processed during the most recent peak delivery season. In fact, we surpassed 15 million packages in April. That requires a lot of supplies!

I don’t mind being busy, though. I’m 67 and I can’t sit still. I’m like the Energizer Bunny.

My workday starts each afternoon when I begin my commute from my home in Orange County, almost 30 miles from the plant. My first task is to check on the supplies that are arriving. This can include pallets of labels for our sorting machines; paper for our printers; and tape, markers and other office supplies.

I spend the rest of my workday managing other supply orders. Lately, I’ve been putting an increased emphasis on ordering cleaning and sanitation supplies to keep our facility clean and our employees safe. About 2,400 employees work in our center, and we want them all to stay safe and healthy.

I joined the Postal Service full-time 37 years ago. Previously, I participated in a program in the early 1970s that hired postal assistants. We worked a reduced schedule, and our USPS salaries helped pay for our college tuition and books.

I also worked as a florist once, and I still love to decorate. I decorate for every holiday, but Halloween is my absolute favorite. I also decorate for local Postal Customer Council events, media events and stamp dedication ceremonies. Sometimes I get so caught up in decorating after work, I don’t get home until the wee hours of the morning.

When I’m not on the job, I go to Disneyland — every Friday, in fact — on an annual pass.

I’m grateful that the Postal Service helped me get through school and raise my daughter. This has been a good career.

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