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Appreciation nation

New video shows support for postal workers

More customers thank USPS employees for their reliable service during the coronavirus pandemic in the Postal Service’s fifth Thank You for the Thank-You’svideo.

“Thank you so much for keeping some ‘normal’ in my life and assisting with my home business. Take care and stay safe. You are awesome,” reads one customer’s note.

A family placed a message on their mailbox saying it was regularly disinfected for the letter carrier’s safety.

“Thank you for being our mail carrier … we are looking out for you,” the handwritten note reads.

In a message that includes a hand-drawn heart, another customer writes: “USPS heroes keep us connected. We all appreciate you!”

The 30-second video is the latest entry in “Thank You for the Thank-You’s,” a series that showcases the appreciative messages from customers left on mailboxes and other places.

The Postal Service has shared the video — along with the first, second, third and fourth editions — on its social media channels.