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Vista, CA, City Carrier Assistant Chyanne Fauntleroy

City Carrier Assistant Chyanne Fauntleroy received national attention last year for finding two missing girls in separate incidents in Vista, CA.

In the first case, Fauntleroy was delivering mail when she spotted a shoeless 15-year-old autistic teen outside whose disappearance days earlier led to an 80-person search party combing the area for her.

Fauntleroy immediately called 911 and stayed with the girl until authorities arrived.

Just two weeks later, the Postal Service employee was making deliveries when she saw a wandering 3-year-old, alone and afraid.

Fauntleroy stopped to check on the toddler, who didn’t speak English, and called 911.

Emergency responders soon arrived, eventually followed by the girl’s mother.

“I love my job at the Post Office,” Fauntleroy later told the local Fox station. “If a child was in need, I would step in to help again.”

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