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Pitching in

Tips to help protect the environment

Planting trees helps mitigate the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and offers other environmental benefits.

The Postal Service is marking Earth Day’s 50th anniversary by reminding employees how small changes at home and work can go a long way toward protecting the environment.

The organization’s Office of Sustainability is distributing stand-up talks and posters with useful guidance, including these tips:

• Keep it clean. Sweep floors, parking lots and driveways to keep them free of oil, automotive leaks, chemical spills and debris. Don’t create waste at work by mixing hazardous and other chemicals together.

• Don’t be wasteful. Use up older materials, cleaning products and other supplies before buying new products. Don’t buy more than you need.

• Don’t throw out things that can be used again. Products that are no longer useful — including used oil, batteries and bulbs — must be recycled appropriately. Alert a supervisor if you see recyclable items or hazardous materials in the trash. The Sustainability Blue page has more guidance.

• Save water and energy. Repair leaky faucets, valves and toilets to conserve water and reduce costs. Turn lights off when not it use and turn down thermostats to save energy.

• Plant a tree. This helps create shading, mitigates the effect of greenhouse gas emissions and establishes habitats for birds and other species.

The Earth Day Blue page has more information for employees.