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In his blood

Topeka, KS, Purchasing and Supply Management Specialist Jason McAtee

My name is Jason McAtee and I’m a purchasing and supply management specialist in Topeka, KS. I fill purchase request proposals for spare parts used on automation equipment and work with suppliers to find the best value for USPS.

My job is all about building quality relationships. When you have a good relationship with a supplier, they’re more likely to help you out in an emergency. When those situations happen, it’s my job to ensure our people have what they need to keep moving the mail.

I started with the Postal Service in my early 20s. My mom and my sister were letter carriers, while my grandfather carried mail in Parsons, KS, until he was 75. He was the one who convinced me to take the postal exam. I’m grateful every day that he did.

My first job was as a temporary employee working packages on a shipping dock. I then carried mail in Shawnee Mission, KS, for 14 years. Next, I moved out of the field to Asset Management and finally to my current position.

USPS is a great place to work because it makes you part of a community. You get to meet the people who make up where you live — the business owners, the kids who play ball in the street, the retiree who’s always tending to his flowers. These people are always happy to see you because the Postal Service is such a trusted brand.

When I’m not at work, I like to go on adventures with my family. My wife, Sara, is a teacher, so during the summers, we like to take our two kids, Cali and Nicholas, exploring. We visit new places and talk to the locals to find hidden spots to see.

When I’m out on these trips meeting new people and seeing our beautiful country, I’m always thankful that I work for a great organization that serves the entire nation. USPS is in my blood.

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