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Cause for celebration

Video shows stamp dedication

The Postal Service has released a video that shows highlights from the Feb. 14 dedication ceremony for the new Let’s Celebrate! stamp.

The video shows Janice Walker, the organization’s corporate communications vice president, discussing one of her favorite causes for celebration: USPS employees.

“I love to celebrate our Postal Service employees and the hard work that they do, each and every day, delivering our mail and packages across the country. I love to celebrate their sense of service and their dedication to the community and to each other,” she says.

The stamp, which features brightly colored circles arranged in a random pattern to resemble a burst of confetti, was dedicated at a stamp show in Mesa, AZ.

The video also shows remarks from Elizabeth Hisey of Women Exhibitors, part of the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors.

“This stamp is sure to add a dash of celebration on greeting cards, invitations and envelopes,” she says.

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