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Making it easy

Click-N-Ship offers convenience for customers

Through Click-N-Ship, customers can use free Priority Mail boxes to ship packages from home.

In a time when the nation’s commerce is increasingly moving online, the USPS Click-N-Ship service makes it easy for customers to send packages from their home or office.

To use Click-N-Ship, customers must set up a free account, which they can use to make labels for their packages.

For each label, the customer must enter the package’s ship-to address and weight. If the customer isn’t sure what the package weighs, he or she can order free Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes online — and if it fits, it ships at a low flat rate.

USPS delivers the boxes to customers, usually within 7-10 business days.

For peace of mind, the Postal Service includes tracking capabilities, and $50 of insurance comes free with most Priority Mail shipments, but customers can add more along with Delivery Instructions and other Extra Services.

Customers who ship internationally or to someone in the military can complete the customs forms online.

And if customers want to save time on future transactions, they can set preferences for the types of packages they ship the most, the tracking updates they’ll get after a package is en route, and how the Postal Service notifies the package recipients.

Once the customer has printed a label, he or she can use to schedule a free Package Pickup — another service that helps the organization serve the growing package market.

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