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‘Caring and compassionate’

Grayslake, IL, Letter Carrier Zachary Karlovitz

Letter Carrier Zachary Karlovitz was recently delivering mail in a Grayslake, IL, neighborhood where he often exchanges pleasantries with an older customer while the man works with wood and metal in his garage.

On this particular day, however, something was drastically different.

Karlovitz found the man gravely injured after a power tool accident.

The Postal Service employee immediately called 911 for the customer, who had severed a wrist artery, and comforted him until paramedics arrived and rushed him to a hospital to undergo emergency surgery.

The man’s daughter later visited the local Post Office to thank Karlovitz for saving her father’s life.

“Zachary’s swift action and his devotion to his customers and USPS truly shine in these events,” said Grayslake Postmaster Benjamin Giese. “He is a caring and compassionate individual in the workplace as well and shows that he always wants to do the right thing.”

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