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Old Town, ME, Rural Carrier Durice Washburn

Durice Washburn knows a thing or two about safe driving.

Last year, the National Safety Council recognized the Old Town, ME, rural carrier for driving at least 30 years, or approximately 1 million miles, without causing an accident.

Washburn has spent most of her 36-year postal career on the same route, which covers 72 miles and 550 delivery points.

“There wasn’t the focus on safety like there is now,” says Washburn, who has become an expert at navigating the road with a focus on remaining accident-free.

To help other employees stay safe, Washburn offers these tips:

• Stay focused. “Keep your eyes up on the road, not down on the mail,” she says.

• Be aware of your surroundings. “Always check twice when you turn on a road or stop at a stop sign.”

• Be prepared. For example, when driving during winter weather, make sure your windows are clear of snow and ice, and ensure your vehicle’s tires are in good shape.

In addition to safety, Washburn has a general rule of thumb for her postal colleagues:

“Treat the mail like you would like your own mail treated,” she says.

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