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USPS modifies procedures for carriers

Under new guidelines from USPS, letter carriers are asked to maintain a safe distance from customers when making deliveries.

The Postal Service has modified procedures for letter carriers to help them practice social distancing while delivering mail and packages.

For example, carriers should avoid ringing a customer’s doorbell when possible. When knocking on a customer’s door, the carrier should avoid areas that may be frequently touched.

When a carrier delivers an item that requires a customer’s signature, USPS is advising the carrier to maintain a safe, appropriate distance.

The carrier should then ask the customer for his or her first initial and last name and enter this information in the carrier’s Mobile Delivery Device. When prompted, the carrier should print his or her initials, route number and the notation C19 instead of asking the customer to enter a signature.

Additionally, carriers should politely ask the customer to step back a safe distance or close the door so the carrier can leave the item in the mail receptacle or another appropriate location.

Also, if there are delivery points on a carrier’s route where social distancing recommendations are difficult to follow, the carrier should alert his or her supervisor so alternative delivery methods can be explored.

USPS managers and supervisors began delivering a mandatory stand-up talk last week to explain the new procedures to carriers and other employees.

The Postal Service’s COVID-19 Blue and LiteBlue pages have additional resources for employees.

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