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Out of reach

Coatesville, PA, Rural Carrier Pamela Irwin

An older customer in Coatesville, PA, recently faced a dire situation: The woman had fallen in her bedroom overnight and couldn’t reach her phone or her medical alert device.

The customer knew Rural Carrier Pamela Irwin would bring mail to the front door in the afternoon, so she dragged herself to the kitchen in hopes Irwin would see her.

It was the right move.

Irwin was concerned when she arrived and found the screen door locked, which was unusual, and she soon spotted the woman on the floor.

Unable to find an unlocked door, the Postal Service employee immediately called 911 and remained on the scene until emergency responders arrived.

The customer’s daughter later contacted the local Post Office to thank Irwin for her life-saving assistance.

“Words cannot express my gratitude to Pam for her quick thinking,” the daughter wrote. “My mom has always said how kind and helpful everyone at your Post Office has been over the years to her.”

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