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Highway hauling

Sacramento, CA, Tractor-Trailer Operator Dale Scalero

My name is Dale Scalero and I’m a tractor-trailer operator in Sacramento, CA, which is part of Pacific Area.

While people may not think that much about how their mail gets to them, mail processing and delivery would not be possible without transportation. I’ve been operating tractor-trailers for the Postal Service for 14 years, but I’ve been driving trucks for as long as I can remember.

I’m proud to transport mail for USPS. As drivers, we are a moving billboard for the organization’s brand. That’s why I keep my truck in pristine condition by cleaning the rims until they shine and polishing the fuel tank until I see my reflection.

Driving tractor-trailers requires operators to be safety-conscious to avoid hazards on and off the road. I watch out for hazards like untrimmed trees, which can create blind spots and cause accidents. For example, I recently encountered a tree that needed trimming and contacted city officials, who had it trimmed.

My job has changed since I joined USPS. For example, I now use a scanner. Before I load my tractor-trailer, I have to scan the barcodes on the equipment I’m going to transport and the barcode inside the back of my trailer. Scanning lets the customers know when to expect a delivery.

Tractor-trailer operators aren’t often recognized, but we work hard to make sure that our customers’ mail gets to its recipients. It’s an honor for me to wear the uniform and a privilege to drive for our organization.

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