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Stand and deliver

Talks help keep employees informed

Rockville, MD, Postmaster Gabriel Hamilton delivers a stand-up talk in February. The talks are one method the organization uses to engage, equip and empower employees.

When it comes to communicating, word-of-mouth is sometimes the best method.

This is why the Postal Service uses stand-up talks to deliver important information to employees. Managers, supervisors and others deliver the talks, which tend to focus on a single topic at a time, such as safety, customer service and business matters.

Most talks last a few minutes, allowing the employees to quickly receive the information, then return to their usual duties.

USPS encourages employees to pay attention to the talks so they’ll have the information they need to do their jobs and serve customers effectively.

Stand-up talks are part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to engage, equip and empower employees, one of the organization’s core strategies. Other employee communications platforms include the Link news site and its mobile-friendly version, Link mobile; the Area Update newsletters that are mailed to every employee’s home; and information delivered through the Informed Facility video monitors inside postal workplaces.

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