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Driving results

Suncoast District Business Development Specialist Gerald Ramos

Gerald Ramos is such a fan of Informed Delivery that he wants everyone to use it.

“I’m surprised when I meet people who still have no idea what Informed Delivery is,” he says.

The Suncoast District business development specialist is always busy promoting the free feature, which allows users to receive digital previews of their incoming mail and manage their package deliveries on smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Informed Delivery has more than 23 million subscribers, making it an important part of the Postal Service’s efforts to innovate and deliver excellent customer experiences, two core strategies. Suncoast regularly ranks first among the 67 USPS districts for signing up new subscribers.

To help others promote the feature, Ramos offers these tips:

• Talk to your colleagues about Informed Delivery. “I sign up a lot of co-workers,” says Ramos, who believes employees who use the feature are best-suited to promote it.

• Get the Informed Delivery enrollment app. This internal application allows employees with USPS-issued mobile phones to sign up customers by scanning their drivers’ licenses. “You can sign them up in two minutes,” Ramos says.

• Work as a team. “If I sign up 20 customers, and another co-worker signs up 20, and another signs up five or three more — that’s where the results come from,” Ramos says.

The bottom line: No matter where you look, you’ll find people who can benefit from Informed Delivery.

“Every day, I remind my co-workers to contact at least five customers about Informed Delivery and how it can benefit them. You can’t take your foot off the gas pedal,” Ramos says.

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