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Informed Delivery used for national alert

Informed Delivery users received a special alert March 14 with information about the coronavirus pandemic.

The Postal Service used Informed Delivery last week to provide subscribers with helpful information about the coronavirus pandemic.

Informed Delivery is a free notification feature that allows consumers to receive digital images of their incoming mail. Users can see the images in a digest emailed to them or through an online dashboard.

On March 14, USPS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) distributed an emergency alert about the coronavirus to Informed Delivery’s 23.5 million subscribers.

The message, which was available in both subscribers’ email digests and the online dashboard, provided recipients with a link to a CDC website where they could get the latest information about the pandemic.

This marked the first time USPS used Informed Delivery for a national alert with no associated mailpiece.

“The Postal Service has the unique capability to provide this type of messaging during national emergencies like the pandemic we are experiencing. It’s another example of how Informed Delivery provides subscribers with timely, relevant information,” said Carrie Bornitz, Informed Delivery’s program manager.

In addition to Informed Delivery, the Postal Service is providing information about the pandemic on other digital platforms, including articles on the Link news site, Blue and LiteBlue pages with employee resources, and service alerts on

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