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On alert

USPS keeps customers updated during emergencies

USPS uses websites, social media and other platforms to ensure customers know when their service will be disrupted.

The Postal Service knows that informed customers are the best customers.

This is why the organization works to keep the public updated on service disruptions caused by emergencies, bad weather and natural disasters.

Residential customers and small businesses can go to USPS Service Alerts, a section on, to find out if mail is being delivered and if their local Post Office is open. The page also provides business mailers with information about USPS mail processing facilities and the operating status of delivery units, as well as the status of overseas mail delivery.

The Postal Service also keeps customers up-to-speed through social media posts, news releases and messages delivered through the organization’s customer care centers.

By ensuring customers know what’s happening with their service, USPS aims to deliver excellent customer experiences, one of its core strategies.

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