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Serving the city

Alhambra, CA, Letter Carrier Elisandro Monarrez

My name is Elisandro Monarrez and I’m a letter carrier who serves downtown Alhambra, CA, which is part of Pacific Area’s Santa Ana District.

I make more than 800 deliveries a day to both businesses and residences, so my route is a busy one. There are a lot of activities to see and customers usually stop me to ask questions, so it’s also an interesting route.

I’m always aware of the clock while on duty. I have to make sure my deliveries are made on time. My favorite part of the job is working outdoors and the sense of independence. Being a letter carrier is the right job for me.

I’m from Durango, Mexico. I joined the Postal Service 46 years ago after serving in the Vietnam War and receiving my U.S. citizenship. I initially wanted to join the Los Angeles Police Department, which offered a higher starting salary, but I’m glad I chose USPS. With a newborn son, my family was growing and the Postal Service offered the stability I needed.

My postal salary allowed me to purchase a home in La Puente, CA, which turned out to be a lifesaver for my second son, who was born with cystic fibrosis.

In 2001, when he needed a lung transplant, our neighbors agreed to become living donors. That wouldn’t have happened without my postal career leading me to the neighborhood.

I’m proud to work as a letter carrier for the Postal Service, which has helped me sustain my family.

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