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Less distress

Clarendon, AR, Letter Carrier Terry Hackelton

Letter Carrier Terry Hackelton was recently delivering mail in a Clarendon, AR, neighborhood on a hot day when he spotted a customer in distress.

The woman, who is her 80s, had fallen in her backyard and tried unsuccessfully for a half-hour to flag down other passersby.

Hackelton, who is also a trained first responder with the local fire department, assessed the customer for injuries. He then carried her inside her residence to render first aid and notified her family members who live nearby that she needed assistance.

Later in the day, the Postal Service employee stopped by the woman’s home to check on her and ensure she was OK.

“Terry routinely goes above and beyond in all he does,” said Clarendon Postmaster Teresa Shelton. “Things could have turned out much differently for this customer had he not noticed her and acted so quickly.”

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