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Think before you swipe

Use Voyager credit cards appropriately

Employees who have postal-issued Voyager credit cards should use them only to buy fuel for USPS vehicles.

The Postal Service has a reminder for employees: Voyager credit cards are to be used only to purchase fuel for postal vehicles.

If you have a USPS-issued Voyager card, don’t use it to buy food, drinks, or fuel for a personal vehicle. Doing so violates the misuse of property provision of the standards of ethical conduct for employees of the executive branch, which applies to postal employees.

Managers and supervisors who have Voyager card responsibilities should complete eFleet Card: Site Manager, a training course available through the HERO platform. The course number is 2011NTWK1834SS01.

Additionally, those with Voyager card responsibilities should follow the standard operating procedures on the Fuel Cards Blue page.

“Postal Service customers expect employees to use postal funds for postal business. Maintaining the public’s trust is essential to driving positive business results,” said Natalie Bonanno, the organization’s acting associate general counsel and chief ethics and compliance officer.

For more information, email the USPS Ethics Office at

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