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Oakton, VA, Retail Associate Rosemarie Bruno

Rosemarie Bruno prides herself on helping customers find the right USPS product or service to meet their needs.

The Oakton, VA, retail associate handles a variety of transactions, so she’s become an expert on topics like the Priority Mail delivery process, how to obtain package insurance and the cost of adding Signature Confirmation.

“It’s important to give the customer peace of mind and confidence they are making the right choice because you know your services and products,” she says.

It’s also important to listen to customers carefully, speak in a pleasant tone and have a positive attitude, Bruno says.

To help other employees deliver exceptional service, she offers these tips:

• Remember to G-I-S-T. Bruno reminds colleagues to greet the customer; inquire about the customer’s needs, such as Delivery Confirmation; suggest additional products and services, such as stamps or insurance; and thank the customer at the end of the transaction.

Complete your training. Watch the Postal Service’s required training videos and attend other training classes offered at your workplace. Take notes, too, so you’ll remember more.

Do unto others. Give your customers the service you’d want, and remember to be patient and understanding of what they need.

Bruno has another piece of advice: Choose to have a good day.

“A nice smile is contagious,” she says. “When you project happiness to customers, it helps them choose to have a good day, too.”

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